Lion - The movie

Watch and listen to the video. Then, click on all the past tense forms.

When I five years old, I onto an empty train somewhere in India and waiting for my brother.
When I , I the train with no idea of how to get back.
I a map of my hometown to the Australian parents who eventually me, but it until 25 years later that I about a tool that help.
I the search for the family I’d lost, undeterred by the reality of what I was trying to do: find a family of four in a country of more than a billion.
Starting with the first thing I , I the train at Howrah Station, Calcutta
I about how long I was on board and my search radius. I Bengali so Bangladesh was out.
I looking up at the stars so I from a city. I it being warm at night which ruled out the colder regions.
From there, my only option to follow the tracks that still .
Night after night, for three years. Until the night I a station symbol, and a water tower, and an overpass and a ring road.
It the station where I 25 years earlier. From 10,000km away, I to follow the path I daily as a child until I finally what I'd been looking for...