The letter to Santa - Conditional

The letter to Santa
It was Christmas time, and the workers at the post-office were sorting through the letters from the children that were addressed to Santa Claus. And one of the letters really got the attention of one of the workers. It said:

Dear Santa Claus,
I've been a good boy all year long but my family is really poor, and a warm coat, I to play outside and I' to keep warm at home because the house is really cold, and, a warm hat, my ears all red and the kids wouldn't make fun of me. I'm so embarrassed, the kids always make fun of me and laugh at my red ears. And I I a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm because I have to help my parents get firewood for the fire and my hands just freeze. If I a good pair of gloves, I so cold and frozen. And I really like a video game too. If I a video game, I' to talk about it with all the other kids, I'd be so happy.

Merry Christmas Santa.

This boy sounded so poor and unhappy that the worker went and sought out his colleagues, and they all decided to give some money, each one gave a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, and they got about eighty dollars, and bought a nice warm coat for the boy, a nice warm hat, some gloves and a video game, and they sent it to his house for Christmas.
So after Christmas, they received a letter addressed to Santa Claus from Little Tommy. It said:

Dear Santa Claus,
Thank you for all the wonderful presents. I love the warm winter coat. I didn't use to play outside because I was so cold, but now I do and I just love it.
I love the nice wool hat, it's perfect. My ears used to get all red and I used to be so embarrassed when the boys made fun of me, but they don't do that anymore, and I'm really happy.
I also want to thank you for the video game, I used to imagine how great it to play and now I know.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the gloves. I guess those incompetent losers at the post-office stole them.

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