Listen and find the missing words :

The empty seat

The man had a chance to a for the final of the international cricket in London. He the ticket, well in advance, which is just as well as the went up and up near the time. Anyway, he arrived at the , he took his just as the match was about to begin. He looked to his side and there was an . He turned to the who was sitting next to it and said: “Gosh, it's amazing, here it is, an empty seat, somebody an awful lot of for this and they haven't actually turned up.
The man said: ”Well, I actually bought the ticket, it was really for my , but unfortunately she . The man turned to him and said: “Oh, Gosh, I'm awfully to hear about that, but, you know, tell me, couldn't you have given the to a friend or a relation?”. The man turned to him and said: “Well, they're all at the !”.

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