Listen and find the missing words :

The empty seat

It’s the game of the ice championship and the famous Stanley Cup. A goes to his seat in the not far from the Canadian players’ bench. He notices that the seat his is empty. He leans towards his neighbor and asks him if would be taking the seat.
No, replies his neighbor, the seat is vacant
That’s , replies the man. Who would be enough to have a seat at the final of the Stanley Cup and not turn up?
His neighbor replies :
Well, in fact, the seat belongs to me. I should have been accompanied by my , but she recently. It’s the she won’t be with me for the final of the Stanley cup since our wedding in 1967.
Oh, I’m really to hear that, said the first man. That’s . But why didn’t you find someone else to to the with you ; a or a of your ?
The man shook his head.
They’ve all gone to the funeral!
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