Tim and Jeff are talking about jobs they wouldn't like to do

Tim: So, Jeff, you asked me about what I'd like. Well, what about a job you you wouldn't want to do. There's lots of jobs and some of them aren't so good, so what you not want to do?

Jeff: That's a difficult question. I don't like working , really.

Tim: Yeah, but who does?

Jeff: Yes, that's right, but I think a type of job I wouldn't like to do would be an , a , where it is just , where you get paper - maybe sort of like an - where you are doing nothing but sitting at your desk sort of by yourself all day, or putting things into the computer. I think it's very -social, a little bit boring, not so , and even if the pay was good, I still wouldn't want to do it because you're your life, which is short, to something that's not so fun so maybe a desk job, something at a desk, I wouldn't like to do. How about you? What job would you not like to do?

Tim: Well, to be honest with you I don't think I would make a very good police officer. I really wouldn't want to be a police officer. I know it's and it's always different but I kind of feel like I would be judging people and I'm not anti-police. I think they're needed but sometimes I with everything that a government believes in and I think it would be difficult for me to be for some things that I don't agree with. And I think that, you know, it's a hard job. It's a hard job and you've got to with people that you know need help in different ways, and a police officer is just coming and putting them in jail.

Jeff: Another thing, sort of related to police officer is I wouldn't want to be a nurse or a doctor.

Tim: Oh, I'm surprised.

Jeff: A great job and it would be to save people's lives or to make them better if they're sick, to make them healthy again, but I hate blood.

Tim: Oh, really.

Jeff: blood so if there is... I can't even stand somebody with a bloody nose so I think in a situation where there is any blood around I wouldn't be your man.

Tim: Well, I think another job I wouldn't want to be is , to be honest with you.

Jeff: Oh, a garbage man would be great.

Tim: I understand. Like, I like the idea of driving from house to house. I think I would be a great post office worker, and I don't mind the manual labor of just lifting stuff up and stuff.

Jeff: A bit smelly .

Tim: Yeah. That's the biggest thing. I think the smell would really get to me, like kind of like you were with blood. I think that that smell would sometimes make me sick, and you'd be surprised what people people throw away. I mean, needles, all kids of things, dirty diapers. Things like that. I don't think I could deal with that very well.

Jeff: OK, so you'll never be a garbage man and I'll never be a nurse.

Tim: Ah, I suppose.

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