Travel guide - Indonesia cutlure

This country one of the world  the largest muslim population although it is not an islamic state. Welcome to, and today, we’ll be learning more about the culture of Indonesia.
The Republic of Indonesia spans the continents of and , and also straddles the equator.
This unique location has blessed the country not only with a beautiful tropical , but also it’s unique and cultures as well as a rich and fascinating .
The country’s population of roughly two hundred and thirty eight million is split into over two hundred distinctive groups. For example, while the majority of the country to the religion of Islam, the island of Bali boasts a significant population as well.
There are a number of beautiful religious monuments located in Indonesia that showcase this diversity. The buddhist Borobudur Temple is on the island of Java, and is a shrine and a pilgrimage spot for adherents of Buddhism. Meanwhile, Prambanan is a hindu temple and a UNESCO world heritage site also found on Java. It is considered one of Asia’s biggest and the most beautiful hindu temples.
Indonesian architecture is typical of many southeast Asian buildings. Many of the are built on stilts, and they feature huge sloped roofs. In contrast, the Dutch-built clock tower Jam Gadang in West Sumatra shows .
Indonesia  is for a number of visual arts as well. From painting to , these pieces are all examples of traditional Indonesian culture. Hand-made crafts such as fabrics and textiles are another important cultural element, while carving and colorful umbrellas are more examples.
The cultural range in Indonesia is also presented in the country’s folk, tribal, and contemporary dances. Many dances tell a story and distinct ethnic groups are differentiated by costumes and styles. Indonesian is immensely diverse due to a of reasons. The country’s historical location along well-travelled trade routes and the abundance of inhabited islands are two factors that have led to variety in the food and culture. Asian influences abound, while middle Eastern and European styles also mixed in. Rice is common staple of all indonesian food as it is harvested natively while other food standards vary from region to region.
With colorful and a distinct history, Indonesia is a great place to take in some .

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