If ..., I will ...

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
If you don't stop smoking,
We will be late
If you don't tell us what you know,
I won't hesitate to call the police
If you don't pay before the end of the week,
If you forget your camera,
If you're absent,
You will never be ready for the tournament
If you're not here at 5 o'clock,
I won't help you
I won't be able to make the cake
If we don't pay the ransom,
If you don't go to bed now,
I won't accept you in class
you will have lung cancer.
if we don't leave now.
we will torture you.
if I see you again around the school selling drugs.
we will kill you.
you won't be able to bring back memories from your trip.
you will have to bring a note from your parents.
if you don't train harder.
I will leave without you.
if you don't help yourself
if you don't buy eggs.
they will execute the hostages.
you will be tired tomorrow.
if you don't apologize first.