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Though  this city is best known for its wild nightlife, it is also a beautiful beach location and family friendly hideaway. Welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’ll learning more about Ibiza, Spain.
Though this island is commonly known by its Spanish name Ibiza, its official name is actually Catalan Ibiza. Ibiza is an island in Spain that is found in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia. It is also part of the Balearic Islands archipelago and is considered a member of the Pine Islands grouping as well.
Geographically, the island features rugged coast referred to as the Costa Brava, in addition to hilly areas, rock cliffs and small inlets.
Ibiza is most famous as a spot and for its beaches. Beach season lasts between May and October and these months are punctuated by clear blue skies and comfortably warm .
In fact, this island is lucky to receive almost no rainfall during the summer months.
Winter temperatures are also mild and often warm enough for time on the beach or other outdoor .
Because of the region’s beautiful climate, a number of outdoor sports and leisure endeavours are possible. Hiking and biking are great ways to see the countryside, while scuba-diving allows you to witness the wonders off the underwater world first-hand. Boating is also quite popular due to the proximity of .
Whether it is a relaxing ride, or a more energetic kayak trip, you’ll find a boat ride for your level of interest.
Ibiza’s rapidly growing of roughly one hundred and thirty thousand is comprised of a mix of natives, Spanish immigrants and foreign expats. It is for this reason that the and the language of the region is so rich and diverse. In fact, the majority of the population is multilingual with Catalan and Spanish being the official languages.
The of Ibiza is characteristic of Mediterranean cooking, and it features fresh ingredients. The island is famous for its seafood as well as its native olives and olive oil. Chorizo is another regional element of the dishes. Ibiza is also blessed with many beautiful restaurants that allow visitors to take in the scenery while they eat.
With beautiful weather, landscape and people, Ibiza is a world class destination for any .
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