Travel Guide - Houston

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A well maintained I'm your host Alex and today we’ll be continuing our city profiles, this time travelling to the hot and humid city of Houston.
Houston is the city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest in the United States, trailing only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
Houston has a population of more than two .
Houston's climate is classified as humid subtropical. In spring, supercell thunderstorms sometimes bring tornadoes to the area. Prevailing winds are from the south and the during most of the year, bringing heat from the deserts of Mexico and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.
Houstonians eat out more than residents of any other city, while here you can choose to indulge in one of the more than 11,000 restaurants, ranging from award-winning and upscale to memorable daily shops.
Houston has a theatre district second only to NYC with its concentration of seats in one geographical area. Located downtown, the seventeen-block theatre district is home to eight performing art organizations with more than 12,000 seats.
Houston has a unique museum district offering a range of museums, galleries, art and cultural institutions including the city's major museums.
Fun in the Bayou City is easy to find. Houston's downtown has been revitalized with numerous clubs, sports facilities and musical entertainment that has helped bring nightlife back to downtown, and that's, in addition to the rest of the city's attractions, and restaurants to fit all budgets.
Alive with energy and rich in diversity, Houston is a dynamic mix of , talent and first class attractions that makes it a world class city.
Home to a vibrant economy, beautiful surroundings and a population full of and spirit, it's no wonder that Houston is a popular international .
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