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Surrounded by the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean Seas, Greece cascades into of islands with gentle breezes, clear water and sandy beaches. There is an exhilarating magic and wildness to the country, making it a destination that must be .
The people are known for their and hospitality and the country offers ancient culture, diverse food options, sunny beaches and stunning vistas. With so many unique cities and destinations, it could be a challenge to create a customized itinerary that allows for enough time in each location. For American tourists, the city of Athens and the islands of Mykonos and Santorini are the most commonly visited. However, each destination has its own flavour and of life.
Out of all Europe’s capitals, Athens has probably the most in recent years. A modern metropolis, Athens still retains a good deal of its old small town feel. Here, Antiquity the future and the ancient monuments form a classical backdrop to a new and trendier Athens.
This island walks a tightrope between competing ambiances: it is popular backpackers and has active night life. But outside the small cities, life is quiet, serene and dotted with beautiful white-sand beaches.
Tourism has been key to the economy of Mykonos the 1950’s which makes it a safe and comfortable place for both new and experienced travellers.
Often considered one the most beautiful places to enjoy and photograph the sunset, evening and dinner cruises have become very popular with visitors to Santorini. This laid-back, quiet island offers major archaeological sites, a budding wine industry and villas with pools that cling the cliffs. Despite volcanic eruption that created this picturesque island thousands of years ago, today this island is sure to leave visitors relaxed and well-rested.
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