Complétez avec SOME - ANY - NO et leurs composés

1. They haven't got idea where to go for their holidays.
2. He has time to watch TV tonight; he's got too much work to do.
3. Question : - Did you speak to ?
4. Answer : - No, I spoke to
5. I'm thirsty, I'd like tea, please.
6. There's I don't understand, could you explain it to me, please ?
7. This homeless man is very poor, he's got money.
8. " Did you hear that noise ?" "No, I didn't hear ."
9. "Did you buy fruit this morning ?"
10. "Yes, I bought oranges. Do you want one ?"
11. "Did you go to the cinema last night ?" "No, I didn't go , I stayed at home and studied."
12. There's at the door who says he wants to speak to you.