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The island is nicknamed the Isle of Calypso. Hi, I’m Rebecca Brayton and welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’ll be exploring the Maltese island of Gozo.
Roughly the same size as the island of Manhattan, Gozo is the second largest of the Maltese Islands. Tthe island's population of 31.000 live a village lifestyle which distinguishes itself from the main Island.
In contrast with the island of Malta, Gozo is renowned for the slow pace of life, with more rural sensibilities and a slow rate of urban growth, Gozo is also unique as a travel . Famous for its rustic pastoral qualities and stunning hills, Gozo is home to a number of striking natural landmarks and . In Gozo, you are never far away from the . The island’s coastline offers for artists and visitors, with beautiful turquoise water splashing against rock cliffs, and small creeks and bays, set against the rugged landscape, it is both a beautiful place to visit and to explore.
One of the most stunning and photographed elements of the Gozitan coastline is the Azur Window, a naturally formed rock arch way, it overlooks to the expansive sea.
Amazing attractions can be throughout the island and can even be found under the water surface. Gozo is home to some of Malta’s most popular scuba diving sites, the area's calm waters, in addition to an abundance of underwater caves and shipwrecks, make it unique.
Eating and are also important to life in Gozo. Culinary tours around the island give visitors the chance to test the unique gastronomic wares of the area. Wine tastings, as well as olive oil tastings, and appreciation courses are also quite popular.
Typical of Malta, Gozo is home to a large number of churches, despite its small size. It is also home to the oldest religious structures in the world: the megalithic temples of Malta. Older than Stonehenge, and the pyramids, these temples were likely an important part of everyday life to ancient residents of the area.
Today there are remarkable examples of the area’s , Gozo is also home to a thriving art and crafts community. Basket making is one example, as is handmade pottery and blown glassware. The famous Gozo laceis another and has been made here for hundred of years. Delicately woven by hand, Gozo lace is a tradition passed down from generation to generation.
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