Discover the beautiful wilderness of Kemi, Finland by , ice boat or with your own of Huskies.
Kemi is located right in of Finland. It is a town and municipality of Finland located near the city of Torneo and a of Lapland. It has a of over twenty-three thousand. Kemi has a claim to fame as the home of the world's largest snow . On the northern of the gulf of Bothnia, the snow castle of Kemi is a magnificent example of the great talent and skills of local architects and their builders.
Inside the towering in the snow castle, both and adults can find experiences. The of ice and snow with lights and sound effects is a for the soul in this winter scenery. This snow hotel with its arctic surrounding is a unique place. It is an excellent way to experience of the of an arctic night. The in the hotel rooms is about twenty-three degrees fahrenheit but the guests will have a good night sleep in a warm sleeping bag.
Take a four-hour on the frozen of Bothnia in the Sampo ice-breaker. The gulf is an in itself, dotted with thousands of forested islands and numerous lighthouses. The Sampo is a retired that didn’t act as a tourist boat, the world’s only tourist icebreaker. Sturdy and steady it moves through the icefield .Then ice scattered on either side more than twenty six feet thick, going with a mighty crash.
Designed for , the ruggedly simple vessel conceals quite a surprise within it. Ornamented with hardwood and brass, the cosy salons and sweep you into an authentic maritime atmosphere, even you sit in the harbour.
the area around Kemi by dogsled or reindeer sledge. Instead of taxi, pull on your warmest , greet the day with your six dog husky team. Their handler talks you through your moves. For the first the few miles, hold on for your dear life. Then as the speed slows slightly, snuggle with the loved one in as the wildlife countryside goes past.
Bored by snowboarding? Fancy a little more powerful to whisk you through those white Nordic landscapes? A snowmobile might be the thing for you then.
For beginners, getting the hang of a snowmobile is somewhat like riding a motorcycle. It takes a bit of effort, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Several Finish tour operators offer snowmobile packages.with driving lessons and plenty of to go snowmobile tracking through varying terrain.

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