Dora the Explorer - The map's song - 2nd version

Have you ever wanted to listen to the map's song in its original version? I'm sure you'll have fun doing this exercise.
Dora the explorer and her best friend Boots have a mission. They must find the wizard's magic wand. As usual, they need to ask the map which way to go.

The Map's Song

If there's a you gotta go
I'm the one you to
I'm the , I'm the map, I'm the map

there a place you gotta
I get you there I bet
I'm the map (...) I'm the maaaaaaap

Dora and Boots wanna the 's . Well, I know where magic wand . It's at the of the . To get to the end of the rainbow, , you go across the , you go through the , and that's how you'll get to the end of the rainbow to the magic wand.
So, you Dora : lake, tunnel, rainbow. Say it with : lake, tunnel, rainbow.