Dora the explorer

Dora the explorer and her best friend Boots have a mission. They must find the super babies' banana baby food which was stolen by Swiper the fox. As usual, they need to ask the map which way to go.

Dora the Explorer - The map's song

's the guy you need to , when you've got a to , What's ?
The map
Who can you ? Hey, I figured out , What's my name ?
The map
Say it again
The map the map, I'm the map
the map, the map
I'm the map.

and need to find the super babie's . the banana baby food? Yeah, ! Way up on of that of .
Well, I to get to the bananas.
, we through the bubble .
Then, up the building , and that's how we to the bananas.
So, , , , .

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