How well do you know NYC?
NYC is situated in New York state. NYC is composed of 5 , which are , Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the . There are 3 major irports, La Guardia, Newark and (John Kennedy).
Manhattan's geography is very easy to understand. It is composed of (from south to north) and (from east to west). , which borders Central Park to the East, divides Manhattan into and .
Manhattan is surrounded by water, by the East river and by the river. It is at sea .
The are many interesting landmarks in NYC. If you are interested in museums, go see the Metropolitan Museum. If you like modern art, don't miss the . Finally, if you like skyscrapers, you must absolutely see the ,
Of course, you must also visit the , and then, the boat will take you to , which used to be an immigration center. Don’t forget to check out NYSE (New York ). If you want to relax, why don’t you take a walk in , which is a huge green space located in the of Manhattan.
On September, 11, , the was destroyed by terrorist attacks.
Finally, don’t miss , a famous avenue that goes through the theater district and .