Death, die, died, dead, dying

Death est un nom : la mort
Dead est l'adjectif. Il correspond à un état.
To die est le verbe mourir. Son prétérit et son participe passé est died.
Dying est le participe présent.

1) When the doctor arrived, the poor woman was already .
2) Romeo's was a tragedy for Juliet.
3) 110 people during the earthquake.
4) Many people will if scientists don't discover a treatment.
5) The sheriff thinks that his may be linked to a drug deal.
6) The dog was put out of his misery with a single shot.
7) If anyone sees me wearing this ridiculous outfit, I'll .
8) There's nothing we can do to fix your computer, the motherboard looks to me.
9) She's a real saint. She visits people at the hospital.
10) The bird was in its cage. It must have during the night.