Desperate Housewives - Season 1 - Episode 6 - John Roland

You're going to hear a brief passage from Desperate Housewives - Season 1 - Episode 6.

Gabrielle Solis and her mother-in-law are at Bree's house having coffee. Suddenly, Danielle Van de Kamp and John Roland, Gabrielle's gardener, with whom she is shaving an affair walk into the room.

Gabrielle and Mama Solis sit at Bree's kitchen table, drinking coffee Bree pours for them.
Bree: "I must say, I’m of how much you two . My -in-law would want to hang out with me ."
Gabrielle: "She sounds ."
Danielle walks into the house with John.
Danielle: "Hey!"
Bree: "Oh, hey there, you !"
Gabrielle: ", John."
John: "Mrs. Solis."
Gabrielle: "I wasn’t aware ."
John: "Yeah, ."
Gabrielle: " ."
Danielle: "Mom, if you , we’ll be in my room studying."
Bree: " ."
Danielle and John leave.
Gabrielle: " , a with Danielle?"
Bree: "Oh no, I about John. and Danielle are in the ."
Gabrielle chokes and spews out coffee.
Gabrielle: "The is a ."
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