Desperate Housewives - Season 1 - Episode 3 - The Dinner Party

You're going to hear a brief passage from Desperate Housewives - Season 1 - Episode 3

Bree Van de Kamp is hosting the dinner party.
What you need to know to understand this scene
1) Gabrielle has run with her high heel shoes on and hastwisted her ankle.
2) Bree and Rex are seeing a marriage counselor to try to fix their marriage. Of course, Bree doesn't want anyone in the neighborhood to know, so she says they're taking tennis lessons.
Carlos Solis is asking too many questions about it and Rex ends up admitting they're not playing tennis.

Susan: Hey, are you okay?
Gabrielle: Yes. I, uh, went today, and I think I just pushed myself .
Susan: Well, you're not the right .
Gabrielle: Yeah, that thought did my .
Carlos: So Gabrielle that you and Bree are lessons .
Rex: Uh huh.
Carlos: I'm actually . I mean, it’s such great .
Rex: Mmm. That it is.
Carlos: And my drop shot could use a serious tune up. Think you give me the of your pro?
Rex: Yeah. I'll, uh, give it to you .
Carlos: Well what does he work out of?
Rex: Uh. We' not really taking , Carlos.
Carlos: You're not?
Rex: It’s a Bree concocted to cover the that we' a marriage counselor.
Rex: Bree! Bree. He wouldn't stop about the tennis pro! (to the guests in the room): "Bree and are in marriage counseling." (to Bree) " your now. Did, did the ? Has your come crashing down
Bree: If would take your seats. is ..
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