Christmas cookies gingerbread recipe, part 4 - decorating your cookies!

Once you've finished doing all the outlines, let them rest for about five minutes, and then take some of your leftover icing and mix some water in with it. Now you want to add a few drops at a time . You want it to be running enough to melt down into itself when you drizzle some from a . But you don’t want it to be too watery. If it is too watery once it has been on the cookie, it will soak in and it will leave it looking strange. Add some onto the cookie and then use a to spread it out to the edges and into all those little corners. Tap it a few times to smooth it out and release any .
If you want, you can of course add to the wet icing, on these green christmas trees, I’m using the mini m&ms.
Then you can repeat that for your other colours. To avoid the colours running into each other, if you want your cookies looking perfect, then let each colour dry before you add the next one. Once the icing is fairly dry, you can go back and pipe more details over the top.
I used the rest of my and my squares to make a nativity scene which I will show you closer to Christmas.
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