Christmas cookies gingerbread recipe, part 1. Making the dough!

I’m Ann Readon and today we are making gingerbread Christmas .
We have a tradition in our family of making a gingerbread house every Chistmas, and I showed you how to make the houses last year and had a lot of requests for gingerbread cookies.
These are easy to make and lots of fun for everyone to get involved in decorating. To make your gingerbread , place the in a and melt it over a high heat. All of the quantities you need are on the website, and you"ll also find a few different gingerbread house designs there, and a whole page of ginger bread house ideas for you to check out. I’ll put a link to this recipe in the description just below the video and that will link to all the other pages.
Then measure up your and your , I’m using a mixture of glucose syrup and golden syrup. You can use some syrup, maple syrup or even . The choice is that you may change the and colour of your cookie dough a little bit, but just substitute equal quantities there. Stir that into your butter over a high heat and lift up your to see if your sugar is dissolved. Here you can still see the sugar crystals still on the spoon, so you need keep stirring it until it looks clear like this.
Then take it off the heat. Pour in the and stir that through.
Add in your flour and sift in the ground ginger , the cloves, the bicarb and the cinnamon. The reason I’m sifting them is to make sure we don’t get any little lumps of in one spot and then stir that through well.
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