Talking about a concert

A. I such a great weekend !
B. Really? What exactly it so great?
A. Well, I plan to have just a normal weekend, - you know, a lie-in on Saturday morning, a bit of shopping with Mum and Dad in the afternoon, maybe cinema in the evening with friends. Then my cousin Philip . He he a spare ticket for Patti Smith gig in Manchester. His girlfriend make it from Dublin, so he offer it to me instead!
B. Wow! You're so lucky! She's amazing!! What it like? she “Because the Night”?
A. Of course, she ! But she also all the songs from her new album. It's incredible ! When you think about it, she's been singing for over thirty years! What a star!
B. That's amazing ! Who she performing with?
A. Oh, Lenny Hayes and his band. Have you heard of them?
B. Yes, I have actually. I them once at the Wembley Arena. They the supporting band for the Killers on their UK tour a few years ago. Where were you sat? At the front?
A. Oh yeah ! We very good seats – we almost right at the front. We weren’t sit for very long though. Everyone up and danc to the music while Patti sing.
B. Did you buy any souvenirs?
A. Yeah, I a tour T-shirt for myself and a couple of mugs for my parents. They’re big fans, too ! They were so jealous when they knew where I was going.
B. How did you get to Manchester?
A. I the 5.30 train. My cousin pick me up at the station and we out to the venue.
B. I can’t believe how lucky you are! I wish I could have come with you.
A. Yeah, me too. You’re right though! It was such a wonderful experience. I do feel sorry for Susie, my cousin’s girlfriend. She was looking forward to the gig! She had booked her plane ticket for Dublin, but air traffic control on strike and all. That's such a shame!
B. What did Philip get her?
A. He her the new album and he even manag to get it autographed for her! That's so romantic.