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Hi, i’m Rebecca Brayton welcome to, and today we’ll be continuing our travel with a look at Calgary.
Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian prairie province of Alberta ;
Calgary much of is traditional culture with saloons, western bars and of course the Calgary stampede. Being build as the greatest outdoor show , the Calgary stampede is one of Canada’s largest annual events. The event features , chuckwagon races, first nation exhibitions and pancake breakfasts all around the city. Opening day of the stampede includes the stampede which is normally attended by roughly three hundred and fifty thousand people.
Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the winter in 1988.
Being located so near to the Rockies, Calgary and surrounding areas also serve as a major haven for the ski fans.
Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park with the fun in the summer and skiing excitement in the winter, Calgary is the place to be year-round.

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