Working in a cafeteria

If you like working around food, can deal with pressure and are and , you probably have the ingredients to work as a counter attendant, at a cafeteria, food concession or coffee shop.
This is an entry level position for people with high school degrees. Training takes place on the job and workers will show you how to take an order (Can I please get a cheeseburger?), prepare food and beverages, and how to serve them (Thanks! OK.). You may have to clean up after patrons and prepare the dining area for the customer. You might also be trained to accept payments. That may mean using a cash-register or adding-machine to total the check. And make change.
The work can be : be prepared to spend many hours on you feet. There can also be stress on the job, customers can be and . If food isn't served and as ordered, you may have to deal with customer complaints. And since a good part of your pay may come from tips, you need to be able to keep a smile on your face, even after hours of carrying and bending.
This is a job for someone who needs hours. You can probably work shifts at night or on week-ends keeping week days to pursue other cause such as education. You can also use this job as a first step towards a career in food services, one of America's largest industries.

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