Boulder climbing

All you need are your , some chalk, and a boulder, and you’re ready to go. Hi, I’m Veronica from and today we’re speaking with some  for some tips
and tricks to boulder climbing.
Behind us is a bouldering , ok, bouldering is a sport that was developed initially as for climbing, and it’s evolved into its own kind of sites sports. , because we have limited space, we put a ton of holds on the wall but when we set you out to do a climb, we’ll tell you with tape marking, which holds to use.
And besides thecrash mat what are the ways to climb and stay safe?
The other think you can do, is to support your partner, basically, if you’re not climbing you put yours hands up and the person as they’re climbing.
What are the ethicsthat people should know before boulder climbing?
If you do get serious into it, there are a lot of ethics, for example, on most routes, you’re supposed to start sitting down with your bum on the and the first has to have you lifting off the ground and then doing the first move.
What’s the difference between bouldering and real climbing?
Bouldering is done ropes; it’s much shorter if you fall, you’re landing on and not on the , hopefully. It’s less an endurance thing; I would call it more a exercise. So Amanda is gonna do a here that has a few moves that are more specific to bouldering, ok, she ‘s gonna a do a move called the bicycle, first of all, she’s pressing one foot and pulling with the other and that’s called the heel hook, where instead of hooking with your toe on the hole, you’ve got your heel on there and that gives you a grip.
What are you working specifically when boulder climbing?
It’s a lot of core, obviously upper body so your , your forearms, your .
When you get more into bouldering, more experienced, you’re gonna find you’re using your hands a lot, and if you practice things, it’s gonna get your hands .
So what would you say is part of boulder climbing?
I’d still say it’s falling, if outside, it’s gonna be possibly onto rocks, or anything like that.
What’s the level of ?
The levels are used by V grades for most bouldering. V1 will be , or V0, and as you go up, it’s gonna go V1, V2, V3, V4, and so on.
We know you master all the moves, you compete in boulder climbing, how do you prepare before your competition?
You can prepare with the , you can either have a to follow some training with people, there are a few guys out there that have either websites or books that you can follow for training. The main way to train for a competition is to focus on the strength at first and your injuries; you’ll do three weeks of this and three weeks of that, depending on when the competition is.
What would you say is the most common mistake made by ?
A lot of people go weightlifting, which is completely useless, muscle is than fat, so it’s thing you could have.
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