This southern U.S town is known as the magic city. Welcome to and today we’ll continue our travel serie with a look at Birmingham Alabama.
in central Alabama and the part of the United States, Birmingham is the city in the state. Its population of over two hundred thousand is spread out over an of just over one hundred and fifty square miles.
the early blossoming of its iron steel and railroading , Birmingham rapidly became the and commercial hub of Alabama during the late century.
Much of the city’s industrial and artistic legacy is now honored and showcased at Railroad Park that is one site where people gather for numerous events, family friendly and leisurely outdoor occupations.
You can also learn more about Birmingham’s industrial history by visiting what was once an early twentieth century iron mill at Sloss Furnaces.
When it comes to learning more about the historical struggles of African-Americans in the city, sure to visit the Civil Rights district. There, you can educate yourself at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, at the sixteenth street Baptist or pay your respects to notable members at Kelly Ingram Park.
In terms of , Birmingham has relatively hot summers. Thanks to its southern location, are really mild, the rainfall is common; the chance of tornadoes and hurricanes does little to prevent people from the warm weather, as many of the city’s attractions and are outdoors. For example, you can some time outside at the Vulcan park Museum, admiring the fifty-six foot tall Vulcan statue or head to the Railroad Park to enjoy the skyline.
Don’t forget to grab your fresh from the Pepper Place Saturday market; you‘ll even some goodies from the Jones family urban farm for sale there.
Sports fans can visit America's oldest baseball park Rick wood Field or the Barber Motorsports Park which holds the world's largest collection of . Birmingham is also home to the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.
If music is more your thing, there’s it in Birmingham. While you can experience life shows at the various events and throughout the year, you can also attend performances at venues such as at Work Play.
With its history, culture, food, sports and music, you can ask for much more when you visit Birmingham.
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