Tips for biking to work

When it comes to health, everyone agrees that biking is a big . Integrating this kind of into your daily life might seem tricky at first. Today on, we’ll get some expert advice on how to make it happen. I’m your Leïla, join me for some tips on riding your bike to work.
- In the context of operation 'bike to work' day, I just have a few questions:what are some of the rewards of starting and finishing the workday on your bicycle ?
- First, you’re contributing to the reduction of . You get to be much when you start your day, and when you finish off, well then you can just leave all your problems at and get back home and feel .
- What might people about making this kind of if they're used to driving or walking ?
- Oh! when people first start, they're usually of two things:first they don’t know which way to use to get to work. The bike can be used on any street. You just have to find of your and the best thing is to do it on the weekend and find streets you feel more in. And the other thing is about being sweaty when you get to work. What you have to know is that in the morning, usually air is much . It’s sometimes when you get back home, but it’s OK you’re going home so you can have a when you get there.
- What about people that have a heavy briefcase ? Do you have any tips ?
- Oh there are lots of you can use on your bike. So you just have to go here in bike shops and find the proper briefcase or bag or even just a in front of the bike will do the job.
- Is it to bike in the rain ?
- Lots of people bike even in the winter time so, it is, you just have to have the proper clothing if you have a raincoat, you can easily do it or even there is a big thunderstorm at the end of the day which happens a lot in the summer time, you can leave your bike at work and just pick it up on the next day, at least you’ve done your morning run
- What must someone be in to undertake this?
- Well you don’t have to be in a very great shape to bike. Most people will bike on the weekend. So if you can do that, you can start biking to work. You can combine with other modes of transportation, you can either take your bike to the and then go on the metro, next day you can go one station and start slowly. Choose a nice day, do a distance you can do and just work on it.