(2.02) Yes, in fact, one of his early works that made him quite is on the wall at a Main Street in . It shows a naked man hanging from while another man is looking for him. The council in Bristol asked residents if they it to stay, or if people didn't like it, they would get rid of it but apparently said they wanted it to stay. If you go to Bristol, you can still see it.

Great, and he's also done some huge paintings in the . A popular Banksy symbol is the rat and he's got some gigantic images on walls in New York.

Hum, lots of rats, but are popular with him too.

Yes and a lot of his work is political, but it is anti-, anti-, anti- and things like that so it wasn't a big surprise he went to the West Bank where the Israelis are building the barrier to separate from .

Yes, and that huge wall, I mean it's just a blank canvas for artists like Banksy and of course the images are therefore quite , I like the one that the girl flying over the wall with a huge bunch of There's another one a girl frisking a .

Yes that's my favorite.

...Rather than the other way around.