(0.22) We're talking about Banksy and what makes him so special so Richard, why does the exhibition seem so unusual?

Well, Banksy isn't someone who creates for people to and , he's a street artist, he's a graffiti artist, so his work can be seen on the sides of buildings, alongside rivers, on walls, mainly in city centres.

And he's become something of an urban legend, hasn't he? His work isn't the traditional graffiti you know, on walls, they're images which often have a , that kind of make you stop and look again. I think they're quite .

Yes and graffiti artist just usually write their names but he actually does paint pictures and they're often very and, of course, painting on public walls is , and so Banksy has done two things to , and, for the first thing, he's remained , no one really knows who he is...

Banksy's just a pseudonym

Yes, a pseudonym, we don't know what his real name is or who he is, and also secondly he doesn't just paint on walls, he has this technique using stencils, so that means he can do the pictures very , prepare the images and then he just quickly sprays through the stencils onto the wall, so it's a different technique and it is real art I think, there's a lot of his work on the streets in , and in London too.