The Maori for this city means city of one hundred lovers. Hi I’m Rebecca Breyton and to and today we’ll be checking out one of cities of New Zealand : Auckland.
The Auckland Metropolitan Area is a union of four . This area has over a quarter of New Zealand's entire population.
Auckland is found on thin belt of land. It is one of the only metropolitan areas in the world to have harbors and two different major bodies of water. The Auckland harbor bridge the city with the north shore suburbs.
Climate in Auckland brings and temperate summers with damp and mild winters. Auckland is on the Auckland volcanic field which is the site of roughly volcanic vents.
Visitors to the area should try chartering a boat or travelling the forest trails or even checking out of the area wine routes.
Surrounded by dazzling beaches, hiking trails and an assortment of different islands, Auckland has scenic views and active endeavors for everyone.
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