Amelia is introducing herself.

Amelia - Self-introduction

Hi, my name is Amelia, I’m 14 years old, my is Hicks, I was born in Oxford, I was born March, the first, .
I’m physically , I’m blond, I always makeup, and I always wear . I don’t like jeans, I prefer or .
My mother is forty-one years old, Tania and she works with old people, she doesn’t like her job because it’s very , and sometimes .
My father’s fifty-two, Simon, and he due to health issues. I see him a fortnight because my parents are divorced. , I’m with my mum.
I love , dancing, singing, basically the performing arts, and I dream of being , but because it’s difficult, I think I want to be .
I go to school in Gourdon, is between Brive and Toulouse, . I live in Le Vigan, which is Gourdon. I used to lived in Tours, which is i. Every day, my best friends Charlotte, Emily and Romane, I love them very much because we a lot together.

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