TV series - The 6 million dollar man.

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Air Force Colonel Steve Austin, an astronaut who had walked on the moon, is almost fatally injured in a plane crash. Many of his damaged parts are replaced by experimental bionic limbs, including his right arm, his left eye, and both legs. These bionics give him superpowers such as increased speed and strength and the ability to see long distances. To pay the U.S. Government back the $6,000,000 it cost to rebuild him, Austin goes to work for the Office of Scientific Investigation as an agent, investigating foreign spies, mad scientists, bombers, space aliens, and even Bigfoot.

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VOCABULARY : capability = capacité, bionic = bionique, to build = construire, to rebuild = reconstruire, barely = à peine, alive = vivant

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Steve Austin, . A man . Gentlemen, we can him. We have the . We have the to the 's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. than he was . , , .