Track Records

There were four race horses in a stable one day. It was raining and they were bored so they started talking about their track records.
One of them boasted, ‘I’ in eight races so far this year and I’ve five of them’
‘That’s nothing!’ interrupted the second race horse, ‘I’ in twelve races the beginning of this year and I’ve won seven of them.’
The third race horse broke in, ‘Well, I’ part in 15 races this year and I’ve won ten of them.’
‘I’ better than any of you,’ claimed the fourth race horse. ‘So far this year I’ve been in 18 races and I’ only four of them.
At this point, they noticed that a small greyhound dog was sitting and listening to their conversation, wagging his tail. ‘I don’t want to brag,’ he said, ‘But I’ve been in forty-five this year up till now and I any of them!’
The horses were absolutely amazed. ‘That’s just ! I’ anything like it!’ said one of them, after an impressed silence, ‘A talking dog!’

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